Mobile Uploads

You can upload photos through the mobile website from any mobile device (i.e. Android, iPhone). To begin uploading, login to your account ( and click the menu button.

Note: Below we are referencing the iPhone, but Android is the same workflow.


You can either take a photo or select a photo from your camera gallery. At this time, you will not be able to map videos. Once you've selected a photo, add your description, hashtags, or @mention someone on Map.

To select the location, you can search for the location by place name, address, or latitude/longitude coordinates. Or you can drop a pin to get a more specific location using latitude/longitude.

Search for a location by place name, address, or the latitude/longitude coordinates.

Drop a pin by clicking on the red place marker on the bottom right. From here, you can drag the marker.

Once you have selected a location, your photo will be uploaded to Map. If you have more photos to upload from this location, select Upload Another Photo.